Historicizing the ageing self: Literature, medicine, psychology, law
New PhD candidate

In Search of the Ageing Self

Gunn Inger Sture is a new PhD candidate affiliated with the project “Historicizing the ageing self”. Her PhD project has the working title “Marcel Proust – time metaphors, memory and ageing”.

Gunn Inger Sture
Universitetet i Bergen

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Sture has a master’s degree in French literature from UiB, and has also studied comparative literature and Nordic language and literature. As a PhD candidate she will study Proust’s principal work In Search of Lost Time and discuss what Proust’s metaphors of time, memory and ageing can tell us about the ageing self, such as it is explored and constructed by the author. According to Sture, the aesthetics of Proust can be said to arise from the realization that ageing is both a physical decay and at the same time a crucial factor to be able to create and to get access to something eternal through the memory.