Matrix biology

Matrix biology course with international top-speakers successfully completed

The week-long matrix biology (BMED904) course was held for 4th time at the Dept. of biomedicine and next BMED904 course will be given in June 2021.

Lecture room at Dept. of Biomedicine
Donald Gullberg, UiB

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The week-long matrix biology (BMED904) course was held for 4th time at the Department of biomedicine, June 3-7 with 12 signed up attendees, including attending students from France and Finland. The course in its current form is a joint venture between the research school at IBM and CCBIO with Profs. Marion Kusche-Gullberg and Donald Gullberg as organizers.

The participants in the course were updated on the latest developments in the matrix biology field including novel roles of ECM molecules, such as collagens, integrins, proteoglycans and recent developments in matrix molecule therapeutics. To mention a few of the excellent lectures: John Couchman from BRIC, University of Copenhagen gave accounts on the role of the cell surface proteoglycans in cell adhesive interactions and as regulators of calcium channels. Kalle Sippilä from Fiona Watts laboratory in London talked about fibroblasts heterogeneity and use of lineage tracing to define subsets of fibroblasts. A highlight in the course was the lecture by UCSF Associate Professor, MD. Joanna Philips on the brain matrix and her CCBIO seminar on the topic “GBM heterogeneity and extracellular regulation of oncogenic signaling”.  The inspiring seminar focused on the role of heparan sulphate proteoglycans as co-receptors in kinase mediated signaling in glioblastoma.

BMED 904 will be given next time in June 2021.