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The week-long matrix biology (BMED904) course was held for 4th time at the Dept. of biomedicine and next BMED904 course will be given in June 2021.
On May 23 and 24, 2019, the world's leading fibrosis and cancer researchers met in Bergen at an international fibrosis conference on the topic "New tools to study the fibrotic stroma".
Matrix Biology group leader and CCBIO PI Donald Gullberg recently returned from an inspiring conference in China.
α11β1 integrin-mediated MMP-13-dependent collagen lattice contraction by fibroblasts: evidence for integrin-coordinated collagen proteolysis.
The fibroblast integrin alpha11beta1 is induced in a mechanosensitive manner involving activin A and regulates myofibroblast differentiation.
After 25 years of research on integrins, the picture of how integrins have evolved is becoming clearer. At the same time, model organism will continue to offer valuable systems to elucidate the function of integrins in different tissues.