Mood and Cognitive Function Group

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Bergen Mood and Cognitive Function Group

Group Leader

Professor ├ůsa Hammar

Mood and Cognitive Function Group
Department of Biological and Medical Psychology
Jonas Liesvei 91
N-5009 Bergen, Norway
tel: +47 55 58 62 12

The group is organized as a node in the Bergen fMRI group. The focus of the research is to investigate the relationship between factors that can contribute to the high relapse risk in Major Depression Disorder (MDD). Cognitive functioning, emotional information processing and cortisol are important factors that might have a significant impact to explain the high risk of experience new episodes of MDD, especially the first year of recovery. In order to investigate these questions in a broad perspective four empirical studies has been designed by ass. professor Hammar which have a focus on different approaches to further gain knowledge about patients suffering from MDD