Research Group for Medieval Philology

Calligraphy course with Bas Vlam

The Research Group in Medieval Philology invites to a workshop about the art of beautiful handwriting with Bas Vlam, the calligrapher behind kalligrafi.no.

Bas Vlam
The calligrapher Bas Vlam
Bas Vlam

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Bas Vlam studied calligraphy in the Netherlands and England. He has participated in a number of courses with esteemed calligraphers. Bas organises courses and lectures on calligraphy, brushlettering and bookbinding for adults and children. 

In the Middle Ages, the art of writing and copying books was a profession that required a lot of experience to master. Today, when most of the texts around us are printed, calligraphy can still provide new insights. 

We are looking forward to this interesting event!

The course is free of charge, but requires registration due to a limited number of places.