Research Group for Medieval Philology

The 10th Bergen-UK Old Norse Postgraduate Symposium

The symposium for postgraduate students of Old Norse is hosted annually by the University of Bergen. Initiated by Professor Else Mundal under the auspices of the Centre for Medieval Studies, it is now organized by the Old Norse section of the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies.

Graffito from medieval Bergen showing longships
This graffito shows longships, and is carved on a 25cm long piece of juniper wood. It was found in an excavation in Bergen in a stratum dated between 1248 and 1332. It also bears a runic inscription that reads "Hér ferr hafdjarfr" ‘Here goes the sea-brave’.

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Each year MA and PhD students are invited from Bergen and several UK universities to present their research to their peers, gaining feedback, experience in writing papers and public speaking and getting the opportunity to meet students at the equivalent academic stage.

In 2016, we are pleased to welcome 31 student speakers from Bergen, Durham, Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Kiel, and the University of Southern Denmark.

The programme will take place on the 13th to the 15th of April at the University of Bergen and the Bryggen museum.

All are welcome to listen to the papers and participate in the discussion (but please note that we can only offer lunch to speakers and accompanying staff from the UK).

Any enquiries should be directed to Jens Eike Schnall (eike.schnall@uib.no) or Helen Leslie-Jacobsen (helen.leslie@uib.no).