MemBrain – Membrane proteins in the brain

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Collage of some related pictures/illustrations for the MemBrain group

The MemBrain group study various molecular aspects of neuropathology, unified through membrane proteins. The group is part of the Systems Biology and Translational Cell Signaling unit at the Department of Biomedicine.

Bildet viser en CT scan av en person med hjerneforkalkning

Shedding new light on brain calcification

Brain calcification can cause movement disorders and cognitive impairment. New research by the Arnesen Lab at UiB provides increased insight into how these calcifications occur.


The MemBrain group is funded by:

  • TMS foundation (TMS Starting grant).
  • The Meltzer Fund (project funding).

The MemBrain group was built with funding from:

The Meltzer Fund, Familien Blix' fond, UiB fond, Konsul Søren Falch og Øyenlege Sigurd Falchs Fond, EPICS-XS, Astri and Edvard Riisøens legat.