Mitochondrial Medicine & Neurogenetics (MMN)

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Members in our group:

1. Prof. Laurence Bindoff, Ph.D., MD

Laurence is the group leader in the MMN group and professor of Neurology and Neurodegeneration, Consultant Neurologist. He has extensive experience in the field of mitochondrial translational research and neurogenetics.

E-post: Laurence.Bindoff@uib.no

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2. Kristina Xiao Liang, DDS, PhD

Kristina Xiao is a senior researcher and the team leader in Mitochondrial Stem Cell Research in the MMN group. She is working on different projects related to iPSCs neural differentiation after she has finished her post-doctoral position in the same group.

E-post: Xiao.Liang@uib.no

Kristina Xiao Liang
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3. Omar Hikmat. MD PhD

Omar Hikmat is a postdoc. fellow in the MMN group. He is a consultant in pediatric neurology, working at the Paediatric Neurology section- Paediatric Department, Haukeland University Hospital. He has a special interest in pediatric neuro-metabolic, neuro-genetics, mitochondrial disorders, and complex epilepsy.

The main research interest is within clinical mitochondrial medicine and in particular POLG disease.

E-post: Omar.Hikmat@uib.no

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4. Kristin Nielsen Varhaug

Kristin is a postdoc. fellow and neurology resident at Haukeland University Hospital. Currently working on biomarkers of mitochondrial dysfunction and biomarkers in primary mitochondrial disorders.

E-post: Kristin.Varhaug@uib.no

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5. Cecilie Katrin Kristiansen

Cecilie is a molecular biologist and a Ph.D. candidate. She did her MSc in biomedical sciences working with the group on modeling POLG disease using iPSC-derived neural stem cells from POLG patients. Currently, she is continuing the work with neural stem cells for use in compound drug screening.

E-post: Cecilie.Kristiansen@uib.no

from Cecilie

6. Anbin Chen

Anbin is a visiting Ph.D. student from the Shandong University of China. He is working on the interaction of iPSC-derived astrocytes and neurons to study the pathological mechanisms related to POLG diseases.

E-post: Anbin.Chen@uib.no

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7. Bryant Zhuoyuan Zhang, MD, PhD.

Bryant Zhuoyuan is a visiting researcher/joint PhD student from West China hospital of stomatology, China. His finishe his PhD project in MMN group with a collaboration on Prof. Daniela Costea, K1, UiB. The study is focused on the metabolic reprogramming and epigenetic regulation between cancer and TME. He is now applying for the Postdoc. program in the MMN group.

E-post: 407816983@qq.com

Bryant Zhuoyuan
from Bryant Zhuoyuan

8. Hanne Linda Nakkestad

Hanne Linda is the senior engineer in the MMN group.

E-post: Hanne.Nakkestad@uib.no

Hanne-Linda Nakkestad
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9. Kibret Yimer Mazengia

Hanne Linda is the staff engineer in the MMN group.

E-post: Kibret.Mazengia@uib.no

Kibret Yimer Mazengia
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10. Sharika Marjan

Sharika is a master's student in the MMN group. She is working on the project of using human iPSC-derived brain organoids to develop the treatment of POLG-related diseases.

E-post: sharika.marjan@student.uib.no


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11. Tsering Yangzom

Tsering is a master's student in the MMN group. She is working on the project of a Stem cell-based study on defining toxic astrocytes in POLG-related diseases.

E-post: tsering.yangzom@student.uib.no

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13. Bjørn Christian Lundberg

Bjørnis a master's student in the MMN group. He is working on the project of using human iPSC-derived brain organoids to model POLG-related diseases.

E-post: bjorn.c.lundberg@student.uib.no



Past members of the group

·       Charalampos Tzoulis

·       Kristoffer Haugarvoll

·       Janniche Torsvik

·       Petter Sanaker

·       Novin Balafkan

·       Gia Tuong Tran

·       Marina Toompuu

·       Ina Katrine Nitschke Pettersen

·       Guro Helén Vatne

·       Gina Alien Zantingh

·       Yu Hong

·       Sepideh Mostafavi

·       Atefeh.Kianian