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Myelin, the insulative multilamellar sheath that enwraps axons, speeds up our nerve impulses by two orders of magnitude – a prerequisite for an efficient nervous system that we humans and other vertebrates enjoy. Myelin gains its structure and function from a high abundance of lipids and proteins, many of which are specific to this enigmatic biological system.
Et viktig forskningsinitiativ skal utforske hvordan vanlige molekylære mekanismer kan knytte stoffskiftesykdommer, spesielt type 2-diabetes og overvekt, til hjerneforstyrrelser som Alzheimers sykdom, tvangslidelser og autismespekterforstyrrelser. Professorene Jan Haavik og Aurora Martinez ved Institutt for biomedisin er de norske deltakerne.
Researchers at the University of Bergen looked if there is a connection between the mode of delivery and the genetics of children’s intelligence.
Kandidaten vil holde prøveforelsning og forsvare avhandlingen: “The Characterization of Disordered Membrane-Binding Proteins of Myelin: A Biophysical Approach"
Kandidaten vil forsvare avhandlingen “Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autoimmune diseases: etiological relationships and therapeutic possibilities”
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autoimmune diseases: etiological relationships and therapeutic possibilities
Enzymet Tyrosine Hydroksylase er viktig for livet. Neurologiske, psykiatriske og kardiovaskulære sykdommer oppstår når dets katalytiske funksjon er svekket. Forskere ved Institutt for biomedisin beskriver hvordan ny innsikt i proteinet kan bidra til å utvikle ny medisin.
There is a clear connection between specific genes and ADHD. This is the result of a large international study where UiB-researchers have played an important role, led by Professor Jan Haavik.
Arc er et protein som er gjerne omtalt som hukommelsens hovedregulator. Det har likhet med noen virusproteiner, og kan danne virus-lignende capsid partikkler. Vi har lykket til å oppløse den tredimensjonale strukturen for første gang.
Professor Jan Haavik, head of the Neurotargeting Research Group and KG Jebsen Center for Research on Neuropsychiatric Disorders, was recently elected as a member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters.
Compared with adult men with ADHD, adult ADHD women have an increased risk of experiencing anxiety and depression, shows a new UiB study. Men with ADHD in contrast suffer more from substance abuse and schizophrenia.
People who are diagnosed with ADHD report more sleep problems – 15 times more so for certain types of sleep disorders than others without the diagnosis. “These are surprisingly large differences”, says the UiB-researcher behind the study.
The Shank family of proteins functions as a molecular scaffold in the neuronal post-synaptic density, enabling numerous protein-protein interactions. Shanks are large multi-domain molecules, and one of the conserved domains is an SH3 domain. Using high-resolution X-ray crystallography, we show that the SH3 domain in the Shank family has lost its canonical ligand-binding site.
The molecular processes of myelin maturation are to a large extent still unknown. A coordinated interplay between regulatory and functional molecules must take place for correct timing of myelin membrane apposition and compaction, such that cytoplasmic channels are also formed in a correct way.
Professor Jan Haavik has been given the Helse Vest Research award 2016 for his research on discovering biological mechanisms that can cause ADHD-symptoms. He was rewarded the prize during the annual research conference of Helse Vest.
PhD-candidate Agnete Fossbakk will defend her thesis: “Human tyrosine hydroxylase: Oxygen dependence and role in Dopa responsive dystonia”
Zona-award to Ann Kari Grindheim