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Funding for studies on biomembranes

Our research project BIOPROM (Biomimetic Proteolipid Multilayers - Structure and Properties) was awarded a research grant of 12 MNOK by the Research Council of Norway. The BIOPROM project will reveal unprecedented details of the molecular structure and properties of myelin, from the nano to the meso scale.

myelin membrane proteins
A schematic of proteins from vertebrate compact myelin. The large-scale structures formed by the proteins will be the subject of BIOPROM.
Petri Kursula

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Biological membrane multilayers are organised assemblies of protein and lipid, bounded by nanoconfined water. But how exactly do such ordered biostructures form at the molecular level? How do the individual molecules interact; is there synergy or competition? What are the roles of molecular disorder and phase separation? How does the mature membrane look like, and what can we learn about its dynamics?

These are some of the questions we seek to answer in the BIOPROM project. The results will be central in understanding myelin formation and disease, and they provide novel insights into large-scale biomembrane assemblies on different length and time scales.

To realize the project, we will during the funding period (2021-2025) be hiring ambitious young scientists into a multidisciplinary project, with a strong international collaborative network. Open positions will be announed soon!