Application of the Machine Learning algorithms

Hanna Kujawska (Master in Optimization)

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Optimization specialization affects nearly every industry!

In the study track of Optimization (OPT) group you can select from a wide range of courses. Among others, I selected Metaheuristics, Algorithms, Computer Programming for Data Science and Machine Learning (ML). 

My master project is devoted to the application of the machine learning algorithms for rank data. It gave me a chance to implement a solution for a real world problem based on the content I learnt from the courses in my OPT specialization. From my perspective, OPT group is composed of very supportive and helpful tutors, academic teachers presenting high level of knowledge they always eager to share with you. 

I believe this studies will better prepare you to enter the field of OPT and ML as well as an expansive and growing number of other career paths, since this specialization affects nearly every industry. Check it yourself !:)


Supervisor: Jan-Joachim Rückmann