Oral Infections and Inflammations

Oral infections and inflammations

Oral infections and inflammations constitute an extensive inter-disciplinary research field involving two of the major diseases of the oral cavity; periodontal disease and inflammation in the dental pulp. In addition to these diseases, general inflammatory reactions caused by active forces and injury, and systemic inflammatory diseases such as Sjögren’s syndrome are part of the research activities.

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The ultimate goal of the research group is to gain increased knowledge of the etiology and pathogenesis behind these disorders aiming at earlier and better diagnosis, treatment and prevention. We want to reveal how the diseases form and develop. The projects cover microbiological, immunological, genetic and environmental aspects of the diseases. Both basic research and clinical studies are parts of the activities in these translational research projects, and human materials as well as animal models are studied.
The group has a close collaboration with national and international research groups. In Bergen most of the research is performed at the Department of Clinical Dentistry, The Gade Institute, Department of Biomedicine and Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, and at Haukeland University Hospital.