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Forskning til Folket!

In this podcast, keen mediators and experienced professionals share their best tips on how you can work with mediation. Use their advice and expertise as a tool in your own communication work!

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The podcast series Forskning til Folket is about good communication. The aim of the podcast is to give researchers the tools they need to become confident and motivated communicators of their specialist knowledge. In each episode, you can get tips from researchers who are active communicators themselves, and professionals who have experience from the media and communications industry.

In the first episode about "How to captivate listeners? The good lecture", member of the Research Group for Rhetoric, Democracy and Public Culture, Jens E. Kjeldsen, as well as professor Åsta Haukås are guests. This episode is about identifying the building blocks of a good lecture. Both have a clear philosophy about how they work and think when they deliver lectures to different audiences. In the episode, they share their tips that you can use to better your communicative skills!

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