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Highlighted studies in neutron science and structural biology

The ILL brochures are meant for the general public with a scientific interest, and they cover the application of neutron techniques in different areas of research. The "Neutrons in Health" brochure is published every 5 years, and 20 topics are selected globally from top research performed at the ILL (Grenoble, France). Two of these 20 highlights in the latest issue are from our work on the structure and dynamics of the myelin sheath in the vertebrate nervous system.

CNPase structure
Atomic-resolution crystal structure of a perdeuterated myelin protein.
Petri Kursula

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Our research is highlighted in two of the articles on the use of neutrons in medical research at the ILL, a world-leading source of neutrons for science. During the past few years, we have invested significant amounts of time and energy for combining different techniques, including neutrons and biophysical methods, to understand the formation, structure, and dynamics of the myelin sheath in the vertebrate nervous system. The studies highlighted in the ILL brochure are by far not the only examples of such work from our laboratory, and we humbly acknowledge the fact that an international research institute strongly focused on physics and basic science so much values our attempts at understanding a complex but ordered biological system at the molecular - and atomic - level using multidisciplinary techniques. On the other hand, this can be considered only a starting point for much fruitful future research and collaboration.