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Tax Law Conference - Contemporary Issues

The conference “Tax Law - Contemporary Issues” was held on 25 November 2021 at the Faculty of Law in Bergen.

Conference speakers
From the right: Professor John Vella (Oxford), Professor Eleonor Kristoffersson (Örebro), Associate Professor Henrik Skar (UiB), Associate Oddleif Torvik (NHH/UiB), Professor Peter Koerver Schmidt (NHH/CBS), Professor emeritus Frederik Zimmer (UIO) and Deputy Director General in the Norwegian Tax Administration Ole Vincent Jebsen.
Einar Grude, Skatteetaten

Main content

The conference was organized in collaboration between the University of Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), with financial support from the Norwegian Tax Administration. The speakers were Professor John Vella (University of Oxford), Professor Eleonor Kristoffersson (Örebro University), Professor Emeritus Frederik Zimmer (NHH/UiO), Professor Peter Koerver Schmidt (NHH/CBS), Associate Professor Oddleif Torvik (NHH/UiB) and Associate Professor Henrik Skar (UiB). The presentations dealt with various important tax issues of both international and national concern, including global minimum taxation, group taxation, CFC-rules, legal transplants, and interpretation of tax legislation. The audience consisted of officials from the tax authorities, practitioners, other academics and students.

The conference was organized in prolongation of a two-day course for PhD students in tax law where the same group of professors gave presentations on how to do tax research and provided feedback on the PhD students’ projects. The main goal of the entire 3 days was to promote the tax law research community in Bergen and strengthen collaboration with other research institutions and foreign researchers in tax law.

You can get the program and the power point presentations used at the conference here