Tissue Engineering

Vil 3D-printe deler av skjelettet ditt

The Tissue Engineering group, founded in 2006, is one of four research groups at the Department of Clinical Dentistry. The group, led by Prof. Kamal Mustafa, aims to address the shortage of tissues available for repair & regeneration. It includes a multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians & bioengineers working in close collaboration with national & international partners. Currently, we are developing functional engineered bone-tissue constructs, with combinations of cells, growth factors & the appropriate biomaterial scaffolds. The scope of our work includes all aspects of pre-clinical & clinical biomedical research.  Read more

The group has consistently received funding from national and international (including EU) agencies to partner and coordinate large research projects. Currently, four major projects are ongoing:

- Trond Mohn Foundation (StemBoneReg)                - Research Council of Norway (NFR BEHANDLING)

- EU MAXIBONE                                                         - Commercialising R&D results (NFR FORNY2020)


We also provide a Micro-CT Core Facility for both internal (UiB) and external users.  Read more 


Keynote lecture at the EAO Congress, Lisbon, 2019

Prof. Mustafa presented a keynote lecture at the 28th annual EAO Congress titled "Are stem cells the implants of the future"

Cover image of Journal of Dental Research, October 2019 issue

Cover image of Journal of Dental Research, 2019 Oct issue

Tooth morphogenesis is not driven by proliferation but spatiotemporal change in cell shape regulated by actomyosin. Ph. D candidate Shuntaro Yamada’s previous work “Molar Bud-to-Cap Transition Is Proliferation Independent” conducted at King’s College London, UK, was published on The Journal of...

Shuntaro received Lightning Talk Presentation Prize at Bergen Stem Cell Consortium meeting 2019

Lightning Talk Presentation Prize

Bergen Stem Cell Consortium meeting 2019 took place in Bergen where researchers not only from Norway but also from several European countries came together to discuss about recent development of research and clinical application in stem cell biology. Ph.D. candidate, Shuntaro Yamada, presented his...

Jannika Paulamäki

Award to PhD candidate Jannika Paulamäki

Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials 2019 Conference was organized in Långvik, Finland. The three-day conference was attended by some 100 people and 28 presentations were given internationally from Singapore all the way to Colorado. Conference also held a poster session showing 58 posters.


EU MAXIBONE General Assembly 11-12 Feb

The General Assembly of the EU MAXIBONE project will be held in Bergen from 11-12 February 2019.