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Trauma and Mental Health among Youth and Adults

Potentially traumatic events are not uncommon and may cause significant psychological distress.

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Project: "Trauma and mental health among youth and adults in clinical and non-clinical samples"

There is a need for empirical research among diverse vulnerable groups. Subsamples in this study comprise: youth and adults with substance use/addiction problems and/or psychological problems and under treatment in outpatient or inpatient clinics. A subsample comprises former North Sea Divers. Healthy high school students contribute for comparisons among youth samples.

The study explores prevalence of potentially traumatic events and posttraumatic stress reactions among:

  •  young outpatients with dual diagnoses (Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorder) (in collaboration with Drug Abuse Section, DPS Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway)
    Publications on the subject
  • adolescent outpatients (in collaboration with Trauma Psychology Team, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, St. Olav's University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway)
    Publications on the subject
  • adult psychiatric inpatients under acute ward (in collaboration with Inpatient Unit, DPS Gjøvik, Department of Psychiatry, Innlandet Hospital, Norway)
  • adult inpatients with addiction problems (in collaboration with Inpatient Clinic - Hjellestad, Bergen Clinics, Norway)
  • former North Sea Divers (in collaboration with Dept of Occupational Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway)