Bergen Summer Research School
Excursion | BSRS 2019

Into the Norwegian waterscape

Dag Endre Opedal

Every summer we take participants of the Bergen Summer Research School on a guided excursion into the waterscape of western Norway. We explore how the many forms of water have shaped society and created this unique landscape.

The waterscape of western Norway combines the water of the North Atlantic and the fjords that reach deep inland, but also the stored water of many glaciers and the ever-running waterfalls fed by melting ice and generous precipitation. Some of the deepest fjords and the highest water falls in the world are found here, as well as Norway's biggest glaciers. 

We will see how the abundance of water formed landscapes and impacted and challenged human adaptations and activities for thousands of years. We will explore how people tamed the power of water, and how it shaped society and inspired innovation. We will also learn how the glaciers are used to understand weather patterns and climate change.

By ferry and bus

We start the journey by ferry from downtown Bergen to the charming village of Rosendal. Here we visit the Folgefonn Centre to get an overview of the areas unique features, before we head up the winding road to the glacier itself, where we will experience the effect climate change has on one of Norway’s biggest glaciers.

We will also visit Hardanger Aqua Centre to learn more about how fish are farmed. Along the way we will stop at communities that not long ago relied on the waterway provided by the fjords for contact with the outside world.

We get a packed lunch to enjoy in the gardens of an old manor house, dating back to 1665, and will sample local dishes for dinner at a small fruit farm.