Bergen Summer Research School
Science diplomacy

Moments of communication: Learning science diplomacy

Last summer, the participants of Bergen Summer Research School were thrown out on the deep end: present your research in two minutes and make it relevant to a panel of diplomats and experts.

Moments of communication: Learning science diplomacy

Almost 80 PhD-candidates from 30 countries were coached in the preparation of a two-minute presentation to be given to a panel of seasoned diplomats and academics. In a setting like that of an UN-style conference, with an audience and a panel, the they received immediate feedback to their presentations and whether it conveyed a message that could help guide policymaking.   

This experiment in science-diplomacy interaction at BSRS was created under the leadership of Professor Edvard Hviding. The challenge required the PhD candidates to reflect on their own research and how it can play a role in the interface between science and policymaking, and not at least, how to convincingly convey research findings to non-academics in need of actionable knowledge.

In this documentary by Thera Mjaaland, you will get a glimpse into these sessions that took place during the second week of Bergen Summer Research School 2019. Titled "Moments of Communication: Learning Science Diplomacy".

The aim of these sessions was to explore connections between research and the diplomatic and political efforts required to fulfil the 2030 Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The four science diplomacy sessions in their totality are also available: https://vimeo.com/showcase/6642403