Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS)
For SEAS supervisors

For UiB main supervisors and External host Supervisors - for SEAS fellows

This page contains information for UiB main supervisors and external host supervisors for SEAS postdoctoral research fellows. External host supervisor information only applies in cases of outgoing fellowships.

Main content

The following match declaration documents contain information that is relevant and important for SEAS supervisors. If you are considering being either the main UiB supervisor or an external host supervisor for an applicant, you must read this/these carefully. 

Applications for incoming fellowships must include a signed version of the first form in order to be valid. Applications for outgoing fellowships must include a signed verson of both forms. 

  1. Supervisor match declaration - (both incoming and outgoing candidates)
  2. External host match declaration - (outgoing candidates only)