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Understanding gender dimension for MSCA projects

Gender perspectives in research

This is a resource page for the work towards gender balance in research groups and integrating gender perspectives in the research at UiB.

The information is mainly in Norwegian and can be found here >>

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Gendered Innovations

The Gendered Innovations project develops practical methods of sex, gender, and intersectional analysis for scientists and engineers and provides case studies as concrete illustrations of how sex, gender and intersectional analysis leads to innovation.
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Gender-NET - Integrating sex and gender analysis into research

Gender-NET's IGAR TOOL aims to assist research funding and performing organizations, researchers, peers reviewers and evaluators with integrating sex and gender considerations into policies, programmes, and projects.
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Harnessing the power of gender analysis

Londa Schiebinger writes about what how the integration of gender perspectives can benefit research.
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Gendered Innovations: Londa Schiebinger at TEDxCERN

Londa Schiebinger presents her work on integrating gender perspectives in natural science.