Department of Sociology
Open seminar

Arthur Stinchcombe's contribution to sociology and social science

Arthur L Stinchcombe willl be presented with an honorary doctorate of the University of Bergen on Friday 5 May. The day before, Thursday 4 May, there will be a seminar on his contributions to sociology and social science.

Main content


  • Seminar opening: Dean Knut Helland, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Gudmund Hernes: Introduction and overview on Arthur Stinchcombe's contribution to the social sciences.
  • Knud Knudsen, on the acticle: «Environment: The cumulation of effect is yet to be under­stood», Har­vard Educational Review, 1969.
  • Arne Selvik, on the article «University administration of research space and teaching loads. Mana­gers who do not know what their workers are doing».
  • Jan Erik Karlsen, on the article «Bureaucratic and craft administration of production: A com­parative study».  Administrative Science Quarterly, 1959.
  • Tom Colbjørnsen, on the book «Creating efficient industrial administration» (1974).
  • Gunn Birkelund, on the book «Constructing social theories» (1987).
  • Sigmund Grønmo: Summarising the seminar

Moderator will be Ørjar Øyen and the seminar will be held in English.