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Special needs arrangements

Information to student advisers

On this page you will find information for student advisers that are helping students with special needs in their study situation.

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Special needs arrangements during studies

As a student adviser you have much knowledge about your study programs, and this knowledge is in demand by students with disabilities. It is often relevant to clarify whether the study program can be taken over a longer period of time, whether it is possible to extend time on assignments / exercises, or whether it is possible to facilitate an alternative academic program. Through conversation with the student, many questions can be answered. Feel free to show the student the website for students with disabilities, so that the student also can get information about other facilitation options.

More information 

Students with special needs 
Students with disabilities - Information for teachers (PDF)

Studying abroad with a disability

It is a national goal that all students should have international competence and experience. UiB believes that it is both desirable and possible to facilitate foreign studies for students with disabilities.

More information about special needs accommodation and studying abroad

Special arrangements for examinations

Which special arrangements students are granted on school examinations depends on the individual's documented needs. The need must be documented by a doctor, psychologist or similar. 

It is the Division of Student and Academic Affairs that processes applications for special arrangements for school examinations, and answers to questions related to this. Special arrangements that are granted for the examination, will be registered in FS (Felles studentsystem), the system for study administration at UiB - under the «student vurdering samlebilde» in the drop-down menu, then look under the tab «person tilpasninger».

Information and application form for special needs arrangements 

Sammen - The student welfare organisation

UiB collaborates with various partners on facilitation for students. Feel free to contact Sammen if you need a discussion partner in matters concerning facilitation. Sammen offers a number of key facilitation measures for students with disabilities. Please visit Sammen's website for more information about services and offers

Laws and regulations. What is UiB required to do?

Act relating to universities and university colleges

  • § 4-3 (2i) emphasizes that the learning environment is designed according to the principles of universal design
  • § 4-3 (5) states that the institution shall, as far as possible and reasonable, facilitate the study situation for students with special needs and, in addition, that the facilitation shall not lead to a reduction of the academic requirements set for the individual study programme.

Act relating to equality and a prohibition against discrimination  (Equality and anti-discrimination act)

Regulations on admission, studies, assessment and degrees at UiB [Norwegian only] 

Regulations on admission to the University of Bergen [Norwegian only]