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I have taken courses in the old UPED program, how do I complete the program to show basic pedagogical competence?

  • If you have completed the basismodule only, you will need to complete the 6 Elective courses to complete your training. 
  • If you have not taken the basismodule (UPED620)* but have completed one UPED course, you will need to complete UPED600, 601 and 602 plus 3 Elective Courses. If you have completed two or more previous UPED courses, you will need to complete UPED600, 601 and 602 and no Elective Courses.

*Note: If you have attended the basismodule (UPED620) earlier and fulfilled the attendance criteria but did not submit the mandatory SoTL project assignment, you can either deliver the assignment and get the basismodule approved (in which case you will not need to complete UPED600, 601 and 602) or complete UPED602.

Will UPED courses be face to face, blended or online?

  • UPED courses are typically face to face with some work completed out of class (perhaps online but not necessarily). Like all other university courses, during the corona pandemic, our courses will operate online. 

I have completed my basic pedagogical competence at another university or I believe I have equivalent qualifications. How do I have my past training recognized at UiB. 

  • UniPED can review your training or education that you have completed from another university to assess if it is equivalent. However, the decision about if your training will be recognized by the university lies with your faculty and department.

I have or will take a parental or health leave that began/begins mid semester, can I enrol in courses. 

  • Yes, UniPED staff can help you to determine how you can complete a course across more than one semester to accommodate parental, health or other leaves from the university. 

Can I complete the program remotely?

  • Typically, it is not possible to complete the program remotely. Although we may have some online courses available, it is unlikely that you will be able to complete all aspects of the program remotely. 

I enrolled in a course but did not complete the course assessments - am I done the course?

  • No, a course is complete when attendance requirements and all course assessments, projects or tasks are complete. 

How do I figure out if I have completed a course or the entire program?

  • Participants who have completed courses, or the full program, will receive a certificate of completion (for either the course or the program respectively)