Masterprosjekt geofysikk

Masterprosjekter ved Institutt for geovitenskap Geofysikk

Liste over pågående og fullførte masteroppgaver fra og med 2015 av med tilknytning til forskergruppen i geofysikk.


Forskningsgruppa har for tida følgjande MSc-studentar

Avsluttende eksamen 2021

Avsluttende eksamen 2020

Synne Skaara: “Processing and interpretation of MCS data from Isfjorden”

Peter Makus: "A global set of S receiver functions to investigate mantle discontinuities beneath continents"

Geir Wågen: 

Avsluttende eksamen 2019

Andrei Ouglov: “Processing of MCS data from Isfjorden”

Audun Hitland: “Estimation of Landscape History Using Multiple In Situ Cosmogenic Isotopes; Quantification of Erosion Rates in Rendalssølen in Norway”

Helga Kristine Sandve Indrøy: “Comparison of a Classical PSHA and a Rupture Forecast for California”

Karina Løviknes: “Measuring seismic station timing errors from ambient noise”

Kristina Smirnova: “Potential Seismogenic Faults in Norway”

Marianne Jåsund: “Simulation of seismic attributes for earth models with different continuity properties”

Regine Johansen: “Characterization of a Geothermal Field Using Multiscale Travel Time Tomography – Study of the Miravalles Geothermal Field in Costa Rica”

Robin André Rørstadbotnen: “Relocating Earthquakes using Seismic Networks on Small Islands: Case Studies from Heimaey (Iceland) and Jan Mayen (Norway)”

Siri Catherine Vassvåg: “Modelling temporal changes in the gravity field in the Nankai Trough Subduction Zone, Japan”

Thomas de Jonge: “AVO Inversion Using Data Assimilation”

Torbjørn Sletten Haga: “Jordskjelv som utløser massebevegelser i Norge og stabilitetsanalyse av Preikestolen med seismisk last”


Avsluttende eksamen i 2018

Anja Tveit: “Non-linear AVO Inversion”

Anette Ellingsen: “Seismicity and Crustal Structure in North Greenland”

Lucas Sawade: “Global common conversion point stacking and its applications”


Avsluttende eksamen i 2017

Anne Drottning: “Inversion of teleseismic polarization data for crustal velocities in Norway”

Brede Hauge: “Processing and interpretation of MCS data from Isfjorden and Van Mijenfjorden”

Idunn Engås: “Interpretation of MCS data from Isfjorden”

Ildus Islamgulov: “Frequency Selection Strategies for Full Waveform Inversion”

Maren Kjos Veim: “The Cascadia Subduction zone: Kinky or not? An Implementation of a 2D Background Velocity Model in Teleseismic Scattered-wave Inversion”

Mari Farestveit: “Anisotropic Properties of a Mid-Lithospheric Discontinuity in Eastern North America”

Marie Eide Lien: “Analysis of Magma Chamber Activity at Yellowstone from 2010 to 2017”

Marthe Fenne Vestly: “Submarine landslides in Norway”

Norunn Tjåland: “Double-Difference Relocation and Empirical Green Function Analysis of Storfjorden Earthquakes”


Avsluttende eksamen i 2016

Annie Elisabeth Jerkins: “Seismic Modeling for Geothermal Reservoir Characterization”

Hossain Mahmood Khan: “Processing of earthquake data and probabilistic seismic hazard assessment in Bangladesh”

Kristoffer Igland: “Spatio-temporal evolution of earthquake swarms in the Nordland area of Norway”

Marte Mossige: “Processing and interpretation of MCS data from Isfjorden and Van Mijenfjorden”


Avsluttende eksamen i 2015

Anders Haaland: “Processing and interpretation of MCS data from Isfjorden and Van Mijenfjorden”

Eric Willgohs Knudsen: “Processing and interpretation of MCS data from Isfjorden and Van Mijenfjorden”

Krister Moberg: “Seismic hazard of the Izmir region, Turkey, based on a probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and stochastic ground motion simulations”

Martine Johnsen: “Seismic hazard in Norway due to large earthquakes”

Sara Rezaei: “Seismo-tectonics of the Alborz Mountains from the analysis of local earthquake data”

Silje Storaker: “Processing and interpretation of MCS data from Isfjorden and Van Mijenfjorden”