Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is one of 6 faculties at the University of Bergen, and has about 1800 students.

The Faculty consists of 5 departments, which provide the foundations for its teaching and research activities.

Study Health Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry offers courses and degrees at Bachelor's, Master's and PhD level. 

CCBIO Annual Symposium 2016

Strategy meeting in the war against cancer

Outside the birds are twittering in the warm sun. Inside are cold facts on biomarkers and immuno therapy, including research which may lead to cancer testing through urine samples. CCBIO's Annual Symposium offers a widespread program.


Studying gene disorders to cure diabetes

The young developmental biologist Simona Chera has received grants for a total of 17 million NOK (1.8 million Euros) for her cutting-edge research in the field of diabetes.


Four new centres aiming for excellence

Four research centres at the University of Bergen have gone to the second round in the process of becoming a Norwegian Centre of Excellence.


Prioritising within limited health budgets

Amani Thomas has proved that a new and more effective antimalarial medicine can save 360,000 more children from malaria each year in his home country Tanzania.

RESEARCH | Global health

More knowledge will reduce teenage pregnancies

Ingvild Sandøy has been given NOK 25 million from the Research Council of Norway to prevent teenage pregnancies in Zambia.

Doctoral education

The aim of the research program at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (the PhD degree) is to qualify the candidate for research activities and other work requiring a high level of scientific insight within the Faculty's research fields.

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry also administers the dr.philos. degree, which is an independent degree without supervision and organised research training. The two degrees are considered equal in status.

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