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Story of the month

The International Fisheries Exhibition in Bergen

On 7 August 2015, 150 years have passed since «The International Fisheries Exhibition in Bergen 1865» was opened in the not yet finished premises of Bergens Museum. Thus, 150 years have gone by since the Museum moved into the stately building housing The Natural History Museum at Nygårdshøyden.
In less than one year, enterprising inhabitants of the city of Bergen had managed to organise an impressive exhibition with participants from around 20 countries and all in all 2832 catalogue numbers. The exhibition’s main focus was on fishing equipment, boats and fish products, and was finalised by rewarding of diplomas and marks of distinction for the best products in each category. The exhibition attracted a lot of attention in the contemporary press, and representatives from abroad sent home detailed reports of the event. When the exhibition was closed on 18 September, 23 748 tickets had been bought, in a city with no more than 27 700 inhabitants! The Department of Special Collections at the University Library of Bergen has, in cooperation with the University Museum of Bergen, produced an online exhibition, with unique photographs, catalogues and newspaper commentaries from the exhibition