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Object of the month

The printing press of the Constitution

The portable tabletop printing press that was brought to Eidsvoll had previously been used during the war in 1808. It was, among other things, used for printing 8 issues of Rigsforsamlingens Tidende, but it did not work properly; in fact, it functioned so poorly that it could not even ”....bring to light the few lines of the Constitution’s fundamental principles” as worded by Nicolai Wergeland. The members of the Constituent Assembly therefore had to write down the Constitution themselves from dictation. Later, it was used for the printing of the first newspaper north of Trondheim; Finnmarkens og Nordlandenes Amtstidene. The printing press of the Constitution can now be seen in the exhibition We 1814 - 2014 at the Historical Museum, University Museum of Bergen. Illustrative photo: Edin Kadribegovic