The building "Natural History Museum" is undergoing a major restoration until 2018, and the exhibitions are closed.

The building "Historic Museum" is open to the public during the building period. Visit us at Haakon Sheteligsplass 10.


The University Museum has some of the largest collections within cultural and natural history in Norway.



Object of the month

"The Myklebust man" is exhibited in the Viking Age exhibition of the History Museum. This little figure is an enamelled decoration on a beautiful bronze cauldron found in a mound at Myklebust, Nordfjordeid, Norway. The grave contained a very large Viking ship. It was around 25 m long, and is the hitherto longest known Viking ship in Norway. But the burial practice involved the burning of the ship, and there are therefore no remains of it left today.It has been suggested that the man who was buried in the ship was King Audbjørn of Fjordane, who is believed to have been killed in the battle of Solskjel in 876.