5th International workshop on modeling the ocean

Welcome to IWMO2013

Practical information for participants at IWMO2013 in Bergen

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Welcome to Bergen and the IWMO2013.


Registration for all participants will be at the conferance venue (The Science Bulding) Sunday 18-20 and Monday 07.30-08.30. During the registration it will be possible to pay the conference fee cash for those who have not signed up at the online registration. For directions see the attached google map.


All participants will recieve the Agenda for IWMO2013 when they register. The online version of the Agenda can be found here


How to log on to the UiB Internet

  1. Connect to the wireless network «UiB-Guest»
  2. Open a web browser. The web browser will automatically find the authentication page
  3. In the bottom of the page there are two open text columns:
    1. Username/phonenumber
    2. Password
  4. In the column “Username/phonenumber” submit your phone number. If you have a non-Norwegian phone number remember to use your country code. (+112345678 for USA, +8112345678 for Japan and so on)
  5. Do not write anything in the “password” column.
  6. Press “send inn”.
  7. You will shortly receive a SMS with a code.
  8. Return to the authentication page. Enter your phone number in the column “Username/Phonenumber” and the code you received in the “Password” column. Then press “send inn”.
  9. You should now be connected to the internet

If you are not able to connect, please ask the organizers of IWMO2013. The will help you as soon as they can.

For other practical questions please contact Reier.Schoder@math.uib.no

We look forward to seeing all of you in Bergen