Nominating Project Proposals to TMS Trustworthy AI

Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) has invited UiB to apply for research funds under the program Trustworthy AI. UiB can nominate a maximum of eight research proposals to TMS. The internal dealine for submission of short proposal is November 7, 2022.

TMS Trustworthy AI

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Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) has set aside a maximum of NOK 20 million that may be awarded to a research program in Trustworthy AI, and invited UiB to apply for TMS funding for a limited number of research projects (maximum of NOK 18 mill. in total) and one overarching coordination project based on the projects being funded (maximum of NOK 2 mill.).

UiB is invited to nominate 5-8 project proposals to TMS. Each project may be granted TMS funding for maximum 4 years. The maximum contribution from TMS is NOK 6 million per project (for projects lasting 4 years). It is a prerequisite for funding that any TMS contribution is matched by resources from the participating institutions at about the same level.

Read more in the full call text from TMS here. 

Process for nominating project proposals from UiB

The UiB AI Steering Group is tasked to nominate a maximum of 8 proposals to TMS. The nomination is done by sending a letter of support from the UiB AI Steering Group to the project. External experts in the thematic area of the call will be involved in the nomination process. 

The timeline and deadlines for the nomination- and application process is as follows:

  • 7. november 2022 - Internal application: Deadline for the internal application to UiB AI with a short research proposal and budget. (The attached template must be applied.)  Please send the short proposal in ephorte with all attachments to The Division of Research and Administration (Sak: 2022/14303)

  • Support letter from the UiB AI Steering Group will be sent out to 8 projects no later than November 23rd. 
  • 10. januar 2023 - Full proposal to TMS: Deadline for the nominated projects to submit full proposal to TMS. (The attached templates must be applied. Remember to include all attachements asked for by TMS in the full call text.)

There will also be held an internal applicant seminar, and we advice all potential PIs, project participants and administrative support staff to participate.

20. oktober 2022: Applicant seminar at 09:30 – 14:00

Joint seminar for all considering to apply for the call. The aim is to guide projects to write proposals in line with the call's intentions, tematic scope and criteria. Registration deadline is  13. oktober. Click here to register.

For questions, please contact: annette.servan@uib.no