News archive for UiB AI

The Junior Scholars Network on AI, Media and Democracy aims to connect and support junior scholars who are conducting research relating to the development and use of AI by media and potential impacts on democracy.
NORA Research School provides exchange opportunities for PhD students in AI related fields. Mariyam Khan just arrived at The Alan Turing Institute in London for a six-month research stay.
Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) has invited UiB to apply for research funds under the program Trustworthy AI. UiB can nominate a maximum of eight research proposals to TMS. The internal dealine for submission of short proposal is November 7, 2022.
In Jan 2022, NORA was awarded a national research school for AI by the Research Council of Norway. Under the research school framework, NORA will organise various activities. Now, there's a call open for applications for courses under the research school with the deadline 31 Aug 2022.
Five projects from four different faculties will receive funding to digital transformation in research and education.
Researchers from UiB participated in a joint working meeting in Washington D.C. following up on the new memorandum of understanding between Norway and the U.S. on collaboration on artificial intelligence (AI).
The Center for Data Science (CEDAS) is organizing a networking event, combining scientific sessions on foundational and applied data science with a teaching-related session, discussion groups, and social activities to further facilitate research collaboration among the center’s members (and beyond).
Eitri Medical Incubator invites everyone interested in using data to develop better health solutions to particitpate in a “datathon” in September.
The University of Bergen's Inge Jonassen has been chosen as Chair of the Board of NORA - Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium.
Digitalization does not only change the way we teach and do research, it also changes the research questions themselves, as well as the competencies needed in an education fit for the future. UiB now calls for proposals from research groups, departments or study programs seeking to enhance their research or teaching related to digitalization.
The International Artificial Intelligence in Bergen Research School aims at disseminating recent advances on AI. It is mainly intended for master and Ph.D. students, postdocs, and researchers wishing to learn more about the theme of the research school. In 2022, the broad theme of the school is: Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning.
The University of Bergen (UiB) will play an important role in the new collaboration Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Cloud, building competence and supporting researchers.
The University of Bergen has some of the country's leading research groups in artificial intelligence (AI). The subject has long traditions at UiB, and now the broad research and educational efforts within AI will be highlighted through the launch of «UiB AI».
Jon Andreas Edland developed "Ettersynsing" as a practical master thesis in Digital Culture. Last week he ran it for AI scientists and developers at NORA's annual conference.
"I see the development of technology that can recognize emotions as something that can influence what kind of stories that are told, and how they're told", Deborah G. Johnson said at this year's ViSmedia conference.
The very first CEDAS-conference (Center for Data Science at the University of Bergen) was held the 1st and 2nd of June both virtually and physically in Bergen.
Forskningssenteret vil studere algoritmer som fungerer best for mennesker og samfunnet. Nå kan de bli et Senter for Fremragende Forskning (SFF).
Infomedia master students presented report on the limitations of the state-of-the-art in bias mitigation. Their project report was awarded the best paper award at Norwegian Informatics Conference.