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Unique offer for all employees at UiB

From autumn 2023, all employees will have the opportunity to take the popular DIGI courses. This allows them to acquire digital understanding, knowledge, and competence.

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Since autumn 2022, many students at UiB have taken advantage of the opportunity to build digital understanding, knowledge and competence through the DIGI course package. Overall, the courses have been taken several thousand times. In addition to the expansion of the package with two new courses, all employees can also take the courses from autumn 2023.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer the DIGI courses to all employees - it has been a goal for us from the start. We offer a total of eight different courses, and I'm sure that our colleagues will find something that is relevant for each individual," says Pinar Heggernes, Pro-Rector at UiB.

The courses cover various aspects of digital understanding, knowledge and expertise, and are designed to give individual employees good digital insight - knowledge that is in great demand throughout the entire field of work, both academic and technical-administrative.

First university

"Digitalisation is changing the way we work in all sectors and industries. Technological knowledge and expertise is needed in all disciplines and fields of worklife because digitalisation is changing everything from new methods, tools, issues and topics. In autumn 2022, we were the only university in Norway to offer such a programme to all students, and now we are the first to offer it to all employees," says Heggernes.

Each individual course provides 2.5 credits (ECTS) and requires no prior knowledge. Teaching takes place in the afternoon and evening. The admission period for employees is from 1 to 18 June, and employees apply for admission via Søknadsweb. Heggernes believes the offer will be popular.

"All parts of society need more employees with digital understanding, knowledge and competence - including here at UiB. The combination of specialised professional knowledge and digital understanding is crucial in the working life of the future, and I expect that this is an offer that many UiB employees will welcome," she says.