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Leading the Way in Artificial Intelligence Education

Infomedia’s foresight and commitment to staying at the forefront of technological education have resulted in a remarkable surge in student enrollments in 2023.


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In 2021, Infomedia took the lead in Norway by being the first institution to offer study programs in artificial intelligence. Every year since, the educational offerings have attracted an increasing number of students, reaching a new record last year.

- The institute is extremely proud to have the first and so far, only study program dedicated exclusively to artificial intelligence in Norway, says head of studies Joakim Haaland.

At the department, candidates are presented with a diverse array of educational opportunities, including two distinct AI-related study programs, options for continuing education, and individual courses spanning all academic levels.

As of 2023, the enrollment figures stand at 98 students in the Bachelor's in Artificial Intelligence program, and 100 candidates pursuing the Bachelor's in Cognitive Science. Both programs are designed with the overarching goal of equipping students with essential skills and knowledge needed to adeptly navigate the complexities of AI.

Individual courses have garnered significant popularity as well.

- As different sectors and industries continue to integrate AI technologies, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is set to rise. We are unwaveringly committed to being forward-looking, and we are happy to see that our educational offerings align with the aspirations of students, remarks head of department Marija Slavkovik.

What’s to come?

In 2024, the department is set to offer new courses at master’s level:

  • Logic for Multi-agent Systems
  • Research Topics in Artificial Intelligence and Ethics
  • Blockchain Technology and Formal Methods

Additionally, the Center for Investigative Journalism (SUJO) introduces course in Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Investigative Journalism.

- With our bachelor's programs and the diverse range of courses offered, we are firmly committed to solidifying our position as Norway’s leaders in the highly relevant field of artificial intelligence, ends Dahl.