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AI Education at Infomedia

The Department of Information and Media Science's researchers and teachers have extensive knowledge and experience in teaching AI-related subjects. The department offers, among other things, two AI-related study programmes, continuing education opportunities, and individual courses at all levels.

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Degree programmes

Infomedia was the first in Norway to offer a bachelor's degree in artificial intelligence. The bachelor's programs in artificial intelligence and in cognitive science attract a significant number of applicants every year, which not only highlights the programs' enduring popularity, but also underlines the growing demand for professionals with expertise in AI and related fields:

Indivitual courses on bachelor's level

All our students have the opportunity to acquire a basic understanding of artificial intelligence, and build on this during their studies:

We also offer courses for the university's staff and students who want to strengthen their digital understanding, knowledge and competence:

PhD courses

The department has broad expertise and experience in executing courses at PhD level. In 2022, we organized Introduction to AI Ethics, INFO901, and Introduction to learning Analytics, INFO900, for participants from all over Europe.

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Continuting education

The Center for Investigative Journalism is leading the way by offering Norway's first continuing education course in artificial intelligence for journalists. Full-time emplyed journalists and editorial managers will be able to increase their understanding of how AI can be used for investigative journalism: