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Fredrik Barth Memorial Lecture 2016: Thomas Hylland Eriksen

The title of this year's lecture is "Flows and boundaries in the Creole world".

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We are pleased to announce that Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen, University of Oslo, will give the Fredrik Barth Memorial Lecture, on Friday 16th of December 2016. Eriksen’s work has focused on identity politics, ethnicity, nationalism and globalization. He maintains a long-term interest in boundary processes, the politics of identity and creole societies, based on his earlier research in Trinidad and Mauritius, more recently the Seychelles. As a public intellectual, in Norway and beyond, Eriksen has also published popular books, textbooks, polemical books and essays on a variety of topics. In 2015 (Norwegian edition 2013), he published “Fredrik Barth: An intellectual biography”. Currently Eriksen directs a comparative research project on local responses to accelerated global changes. His latest book, “Overheating: An Anthropology of Accelerated Change”, is an outcome of this project. Eriksen is also President of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA).

The annual Fredrik Barth Honorary Lecture has been established by the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen, in connection with the department’s 50th anniversary in 2015, and in honour of its founder, Professor Fredrik Barth. The scholars invited to give the lecture will represent some of the trademarks of Fredrik Barth’s anthropological scholarship: the development of theory grounded in solid ethnography and based on participant observation, as well as an attention to comparison. The invited scholar will in some way be concerned in his or her work with those regions and topics explored by Fredrik Barth. The lecture will be held at the start of the autumn semester.