Department of Social Anthropology

Kula Kula

Kula Kula is an independent social anthropological journal run by students at the University of Bergen.

Main content

The journal if firstly working towards the student- and academic environment at the Institute for Social Anthropology, but does also include reports from academic environments other places, as well as interviews with other anthropologists all over the world. The journal is published twice a year: one publication at the end of the spring semester (April/May) and one at the end of the autumn semester (November/December).

All work involving the magazine is based on volunteer work from the bachelor and master degree programs. The editorial board cooperates on all levels and has regular meetings throughout the semester. The work tasks for the editorial board involves journalism/reporting, writing of for instance academic articles, interviews, reports, updates of field of research, and other informative texts relevant for anthropology students and others interested in the field.

In addition, editing and proofreading of texts, taking and editing photos are very central tasks before the organization of the journal’s layout and putting the journal together. Kula Kula is always looking for new anthropology enthusiasts. Do you have an interest for writing, photography, organizational activities, or do you just wish to try something new and involving yourself in the academic anthropological environment, please do not hesitate to make contact:


Kula Kula on Facebook: http://facebook.com/kulakulatidsskrift
Kula Kula on ISSUU: http://issuu.com/kulakula
Kula Kula’s home page: http://kulakula.org
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