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What is a mosaic? Traditionally, a mosaic is a flat decoration composed of small pieces of stone, often so that the rocks form a picture. Nowadays, the word is also used of tiles laid in patterns. The duo anne © merete has made a somewhat unusual mosaic, composed of plates of painted birch veneer.

anne © merete: Mosaikk, 2005.
anne © merete: Mosaikk, 2005.
Alf E. Andresen

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All the plates have the same pattern, four triangles with their points towards the center of the plate. In the pattern that occurs, we see two different star types: those in birch go out from the corners of the plates, and the blue ones go out from the center of each plate and are similar to wind turbines. All of the corners are covered by a small colored circle, mostly in various red and yellow tones, but with one circle of moss green. The composition of colors gives the mosaic a 1970s feel, which, together with the repetitive star shapes, is slightly psychedelic.

The mosaic takes up most of a wall in the entrance to the Overlege Danielsen's house. anne © merete have also made the floor decoration on the eighth and ninth floor of the SV building.

Merete Christensen (1964 -) and Anne Bårdsgård (1966 -) have worked together since 1996 under the logo anne © merete. They both have a background in textiles, but over time have explored a variety of other media. The duo has a primary focus on pattern, color and architecture, and specializes in public art. Their decorations include the St. Olav's Hospital and the New National Hospital, and they have had several solo exhibitions. Christensen and Bårdsgård are also active as individual artists and designers.