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A gift from the Bergen 17 May Committee

This year, during Morgenprosesjonens (the Morning Procession’s) traditional 17 May wreath placement at the square in front of the Social Sciences Building, a new plaque was unveiled in memory of the man who has given name to the Square.

Minneplate for John Lund.
Minneplate for John Lund.
Alf E. Andresen

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It is now 100 years since John Lund (1842-1913) died. John Lund lived in Foswinckels gate 4 and was a renowned politician, executive board member and mayor of Bergen for the Left Party (Venstre), a member of Parliament and president of the Lagting. He was a strong opponent of the union with Sweden, and an avid campaigner for women's suffrage. Lund fought successfully for the Bergen Railway Line, the Bergen Funicular and a ship route between Bergen and Newcastle, among many other passionate causes. And not least, he was the tireless chairman of the 17 May Committee for 37 years, from 1876 till his death in 1913.