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BCEPS participation at the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2023

Global climate change is impacting food systems, biodiversity, and ecosystems, with major implications for health. At the recent Prince Mahidol Award Conference, BCEPS PhD candidate Anand Bhopal shared his work on pathways to low carbon healthcare.

Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2023
@Giulia_Loff (Twitter), 27.01.23

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The Prince Mahidol Award Conference is an influential meeting addressing major challenges in global health through cross-sectoral dialogues amongst countries, sectors and disciplines. The conference takes place in Thailand and this year’s theme - Setting a New Health Agenda – at the Nexus of Climate Change, Environment and Biodiversity - examined the ‘triple environmental crisis’, with a focus on the harsh reality that climate change has the greatest impacts amongst communities that are already marginalized.

BCEPS PhD candidate Anand Bhopal took part in a session on Climate Injustice: Ethics, Distributions, Fairness, and Justice, which looked at the ethical and policy implications of climate change. The interdisciplinary panel of academics and practitioners examined the ethical implications of air pollution in Nepal, coastal erosion in Senegal and sea level rise in the Pacific Islands. Anand shared his work on the ethical implications of healthcare decarbonisation, highlighting the intersecting challenges of inequality between countries, inequality within countries, poverty eradication and achieving health for all.  

By placing a spotlight on the triple planetary crises, The Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2023 brought climate change into the heart of global health discourse. This shows the growing recognition in the global health community of the need to consider climate within policy making. For Anand, the conference highlighted the complex, multifaceted and, by necessity, interdisciplinary nature of the climate change challenge, which no single disciplinary approach can solve alone.

For the full programme visit Prince Mahidol Award Conference website.

Sessions will soon be available on the Conference YouTube channel.