Brain and Music Group

Alzheimer and Music

UiB is currently running a research study on Alzheimer's disease


ALMUTH, is an abbrevitation for Alzheimer's and Music Therapy, which is a research project studying the effects of choir and singing therapy on brain plasticity, mood, and quality of life in patients with early phase Alzheimer's Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Subjective Cognitive Decline.

The purpose of the ALMUTH project is for patients with memory related problems to gain health benefits from a music and exercise intervention. The project also helps to alleviate the increasing burden on caretakers and subsequently, the Bergen Kommune by finding ways to keep patients at home as long as possible, as well as to increase quality of life for patients and elevate mood for patients dealing with memory related diseases.

We are recruiting currently for this project. E-mail: almuthproject@gmail.com or by telephone number: +47 46 88 46 92