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Horizon 2020

Why register as an expert for the European Commission?

Evaluating project proposals for Horizon 2020 will provide useful insight into EU's research policies and the evaluation process. UiB's Brussels Office can help you in creating a relevant expert profile.

Being an expert for the European Commission – Current experts share their experience

What's it like to be an expert for the European Commission? Watch this video to find out.

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The evaluation of Horizon 2020 project proposals is entirely done by external experts. To let the European Commission know that you are interested in becoming an evaluator, you have to register as an expert in their database.

The advantage of becoming an evaluator is that you will have the opportunity to read several project proposals. This will allow you to understand what makes a good proposal better than others, and why a bad proposal fails to meet the expectations. This insight is invaluable when writing proposals yourself.

There is no better and faster way to learn this than being an evaluator. On top of that you will get a peek behind the curtain on how the evaluation goes and this will give you more insight in how the processes work.

Who can be an expert?

You have a chance of being selected as an expert if you:

  • have expertise in a specific field, scientific or administrative
  • can be available for occasional, short-term assignments

The European Commission always wants to have a good mix of evaluators with different profiles (age, sex, background,…), so don’t think you are not suited to become an expert. It is just a matter of highlighting your strong points. In case you are selected to evaluate a project proposal but the timing is not ideal at that moment, you can just decline the offer.

Increase your chances with help from UiB's Brussels office

The Brussels Office will assist you with writing your expert profile. The initial work (name, degrees, experience,…) has to be done by you, but for the finetuning of the profile and selecting the appropriate keywords in order to try to get noticed.

When possible, the Brussels Office will also signpost your profile with the appropriate people of the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) and the European Commission.

Feel free to contact Kristof Vlaeminck if you need advice or assistance.

Planting seeds of future EU project coordinators

Recently, 12 postdocs, researchers and associate professors of the Department of Earth Science registered as experts to evaluate EU project proposals. 

This is the result of a longterm strategy to increase the number and the quality of project proposals submitted to the European Commission’s frame programs.  Read more about this in the column below.