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CCBIO special seminar

S.Net Pre-Conference Event: Ethical and Social Aspects of Cancer Research

11 October at the BB-Building there will be an open CCBIO Special Seminar on Ethical and Social Aspects of Cancer Research. The event is open for all. We hope to achieve lively discussions between cancer researchers, doctors, students, ethicists, philosophers, social scientists, patients and citizens!

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This special seminar aims at bringing together young researchers from the fields of oncology, medical ethics, priority setting in health care, and science and technology studies, in order to discuss topics ranging from the ethics of personalised medicine, the role of cancer biomarkers in clinical practice, cancer and extraordinary treatments that lead to ever longer lives, and issues of privacy in biobanks. 

The seminar is also a pre-event to the 8th annual S.Net meeting, which will take place 12-14 October in Bergen, with several open parts, including all keynote lectures.

Time: Tuesday 11 October

Place: Auditorium 4, BB Building, Jonas Lies vei 91

Registration: On this link within 5. October 2016.

Organizer: Roger Strand from CCBIO and the University of Bergen's Center for the Study of the Sciences and Humanities.

Program: (you can find printer friendly program here)

10.15-10.30Opening words by Lars A. Akslen, Scientific Director CCBIO
10.30-11.15Alessandro Blasimme, University of Zurich:
«Towards precision medicine: oncology and the search of a new ethics of medical discovery»

Pankaj Sekhsaria, Hyderabad, India:
«How (non) users matter -  A case of study of nanotechnology for Retinoblastoma treatment in India»

Eirik Tranvåg, CCBIO:
«The new era of personalized cancer diagnostics and therapy: seeking new roles for age and biomarkers in clinical decision making

12.20-13.00Lunch break (light lunch will be served outside the auditorium)

Caroline Engen, CCBIO: «Cancer and the Good Life»
Gry Wester, UiB: «The Capability Approach»


Karoline Huse, CCBIO: «Reflections upon Last Resort Clinics»
Kjetil Rommetveit, UiB: «New Developments in the Protection of Privacy»


Anne Blanchard, CCBIO: «Ethical and Social Aspects of Cancer Biomarkers»
Closing remarks by Roger Strand