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Knowledge in biostatistics and bioinformatic analyses is valuable in medial disciplines

CCBIO/CBU recently held a workshop in ‘Basic R’, providing a great networking opportunity for CCBIO juniors in workshop a on the programming language R. CCBIO finds that increased knowledge in bioinformatic analyses and relevant analysis tools is important to fully understand the different levels of high-throughput data used in cancer research.

Collage of photos, the lecturers in front of the screen, and photos of the audience.
Lecturers Konstantina Dimitrakopoulou, Tomasz Furmanek, Kjell Petersen and Charitra Kumar Mishra, and participants at the ‘Basic R’ workshop.
Elisabeth Wik

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As part of CCBIO’s strategy to strengthen the bioinformatic axis of the center, and to prepare the CCBIO scientists for the NORBIS/CCBIO 3-days seminar on networks biology, the CCBIO Bioinformatics Group (CCBIO-BIG) teamed up with the CBU support team (Kjell Petersen, Charitra Kumar Mishra and Tomasz Furmanek) for a workshop on ‘Basic R’. Konstantina Dimitrakopoulou (postdoc in Prof. Inge Jonassen and Prof. Lars A. Akslen’s groups) also contributed.    

R is a programming language, widely applicable in biostatistics and bioinformatic analyses. R is also known as a valuable resource for data plotting.

Thirty CCBIOers gathered 16th and 17th of August to learn the basic steps of applying R in biostatistics and bioinformatic analyses. Kjell Petersen and colleagues gave massive amounts of input on basic R programming to the students, who all seemed eager to learn. Additionally to learn some of the basic steps in R, an aim for the workshop was networking of CCBIOers who will be applying R as an analysis tool in biostatistics and bioinformatics.

Maybe stronger collaborations amongst the CCBIO juniors will be one of the fruits after this workshop?