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CCBIO Special Seminar

What is Scientific Excellence?

Welcome to a CCBIO Special Seminar September 19th with the title "What is Scientific Excellence".

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CCBIO is a Norwegian Centre of Excellence. But what do we understand by excellence? One commonsensical notion is close to circular: "Excellent research is research that can be published in excellent journals". In this special seminar, we wish to go deeper into the issue of quality and excellence in science. Participants in the debate include Bruce Zetter (Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital) and Merle Jacob (Lund University) as well as Lars A. Akslen and Roger Strand from the CCBIO. Join us for sharing experience, a great debate and an informal talk over pizza afterwards!

The seminar is organized as part of the CCBIO/Harvard INTPART partnership, in the CCBIO Seminar series as a CCBIO Special Seminar. 

When: 19. September 2018, 13:00-16:00 (+ time for pizza-get-together afterwards)

Where: Auditorium 4, BB-building, at Haukeland University Hospital campus.


13.00 Lars Akslen/Roger Strand: Welcome

13.05 Bruce Zetter: Thoughts on Excellence

13.30 Merle Jacob: Thoughts on Excellence

13.55 Lars Akslen: Thoughts on Excellence 

14.05-14.30 Intermission with refreshments

14.30 Roger Strand: Introduction to debate

14.40-15.50: Panel debate with questions and comments from the audience

15.50-16.00: Lars Akslen: Concluding words

16.00: Pizza-get-together


Open for all: researchers, educators, postdocs, students, technicians and other staff, all over the UiB. No registration.

We know that all great minds also need food, so after the lectures and debate, we invite to a pizza-get-together in the lobby outside of the auditorium where we can continue the exchange of ideas and experiences.