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Cancer Crosslinks 2021

CCBIO's partner Oslo Cancer Cluster invites to their annual event Cancer Crosslinks, January 21st 2021, with the overarching theme Driving the Translation of Scientific Insights Into Clinical Practice: From “Nice to Know” to “Need to Implement”. The event is run on a digital platform, so we can all join in from wherever we are. Just remember to register.

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Cancer Crosslinks 2021 will be a digital event gathering a distinguished panel of international experts who will present recent progress in precision treatment and cancer immunotherapy.


  • Ahmad Awada, Professor, Head of the Oncology Medicine Department, Jules Bordet Cancer Institute Brussels, Belgium
  • Jérôme Galon, Director of Research at INSERM, Head of INSERM laboratory for Integrative Cancer Immunology, Cordeliers Research Center, Paris, France
  • Marcela Maus, Assistant Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Director of Cellular Immunotherapy, Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
  • Andrew Sewell, Professor, Division of Infection and Immunity. Mechanisms of Immunity Theme Lead, Systems Immunity Research Institute, Cardiff University, UK
  • Emile Voest, Professor of Medical Oncology, Medical Director Netherlands Cancer Institute, Netherlands

Please visit the website cancercrosslinks.com to learn more about the speakers, moderators, and panelists. The event will be held in English.

Program: The program may be found here.

Registration: Register HERE. Access link will be provided to registered participants.

Organizer contacts: jh@oslocancercluster.no or cwh@oslocancercluster.no.