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CCBIO Seminar – Ingvild Sandøy

Welcome to the CCBIO seminar series in the spring term of 2024. Open to all in auditorium 4, BBB. No registration necessary. Speaker is Ingvild Sandøy, BCEPS (the Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health).

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Speaker: Professor Ingvild Sandøy, BCEPS (the Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health).
Title: The Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health
Host: Roger Strand
Where: Auditorium 4, BB-building
When: April 25, 2024 at 14.30-15.30

No registration necessary. 


Resource restrictions in health care are inevitable, and all countries need to ration which health services are funded. If explicit mechanisms are not put in place, new technologies and services such as new vaccines and treatments often end up primarily benefiting those with more resources. Traditional economic evaluation methods of interventions focus on overall health effects and do not consider impacts on then distribution of health and income. There is also a dearth of data on the equity impact of interventions as randomized controlled trials also tend to focus on overall effects. Existing ethical frameworks for priority setting emphasise either efficiency or fairness, and do not integrate the two aspects. 

BCEPS, which was awarded status as a Centre of Excellence from 2023 by the Research Council of Norway, aims to refine ethical frameworks, conduct primary research and improve models to guide fair priority setting. BCEPS is organised around four work streams: 1. Innovative Methods to evaluate the impact of interventions on both health and income. 2. A “Rationing Lab” to determine the impact of alternative ethical frameworks on population health and income. 3. Equity Impact Studies using analytic epidemiologic designs to evaluate health interventions. 4. Core Analytics for Disease Control Priorities. In this presentation, Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy, the Deputy Director of BCEPS, will present some of the plans for the new centre.