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Great interest in the CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposia

The Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) hosted June 11th its first Junior Scientist Symposium, and the second took place August 28th. There has been a great interest.

The first CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium 11.06.14. Collage.
The first CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium 11.06.14. Collage showing: Left: Course coordinators Camilla Krakstad and Elisabeth Wik. Middle: CCBIO director Lars Akslen welcomes to the first Junior Scientist Symposium. Top, right: the very first presentation, by Tarig Al-Hadi Osman. Below, right: audience.
Eli Vidhammer

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Much interest

The conference room at BBB was initially booked for the purpose, but it soon became necessary to book an auditorium instead as the number of participants surpassed the expectations. June 11th was the first time the symposium was held, and 53 participants were registered. The  second Junior Scientist Symposium took place August 28th, with more than 60 registered participants.

Presentations and scientific discussions

The symposia are held twice every semester. Each symposium is in a format where ca. six PhD candidates and/or Post Doc’s each give a 20 min presentation, followed by a short discussion. June 1th there were as much as eight presentations, see enclosed  programme with abstracts.

The program August 28th covered a broad range of topics, from basic research on transport channels between cells to clinical trial research on predictive markers in malignant melanoma. Also, a trial lecture on the topic “quiescence in cancer” was presented by Gro Vatne Røsland. The audience was reminded by the symposium chairs that “no question is a silly question”, and participated in the scientific discussion to each presentation. 

Both PhD-students, postdocs, master students and researchers participated at the meeting.

Insight and interaction

The participants have been satisfied with the seminars, and have highlighted the high-leveled research and presentations that are given, as well as the positive side of getting to know colleagues in research and the projects in the different research groups. As the small-talk goes lively in the breaks, we might hope that new and fruitful research collaborations are started here.    

The main ambition of the Symposium Series is to improve scientific interaction and networking between the different groups at CCBIO. Moreover the symposia will be an arena where the PhD candidates will gain experience with oral presentations, academic discussions and scientific thinking. Participants will be able to exchange technical expertise, experience and practice with the aim of improving the scientific quality for all.


The seminar series is approved as a PhD course (CCBIO-901) and awards 3 credits.

Save the date

Next symposium will be October 30.