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Professor Zena Werb from UCSF visits Bergen

Invited by Marion and Donald Gullberg, the renowned cancer researcher and science celebrity Zena Werb visited Bergen this week and held a combined BBB & CCBIO seminar on October 2, 2014.

photo of Zena Werb
Zena Werb
Anne Sidsel Herdlevær

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Packed auditorium

The auditorium was crowded when the professor from the University of California, San Francisco held her presentation titled New insights into mechanisms underlying breast cancer metastasis.

Extracellular matrix

Dr. Werb is known internationally for her studies on the tumor microenvironment and its significance for tumor progression, and she held an excellent presentation about the process of metastasis, with focus on the extracellular matrix. The talk gave the audience insight into tumor-stroma interactions, all the way from basic concepts to the details of selected studies. She asked and discussed big questions like: How does the tumor microenvironment regulate cancer metastasis? And how do tumor cells instruct the microenvironment locally and systemically? Dr. Werb also discussed different models of how the tumor microenvironment could be a therapeutic target.

Project meetings

On the following day, Dr. Werb met with several researchers to discuss their projects, among them CCBIO´s Even Birkeland, Elisabeth Wik, and Lars A. Akslen.