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CCBIO-researcher excelled in oral presentation at the ESP-Congress in Belgrade

Dr. Elisabeth Wik was awarded with 2nd best oral presentation at the European Congress of Pathology which took place in Belgrade, Serbia, September 5-9 2015.

Elisabeth Wik holding a presentation at a pathology conference in 2015.
Elisabeth Wik under presentasjonen / Elisabeth Wik during her presentation.

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More than 2,300 pathologists participated in the congress, and 81 countries were represented within the congress. Theme for the congress was Pathology, breaking barriers in medicine, presenting novel techniques, tools and knowledge, and updates in diagnostic pathology.

Fierce competition

Elisabeth Wik participated with an oral presentation after being singled out from more than 500 submitted abstracts. She presented her breast cancer project «Gene signatures reflecting vascular proliferation and vascular invasion associate with immunogenic alterations and breast cancer of the basal-like phenotype».

Elisabeth Wik is resident at the Department of Pathology, Haukeland University Hospital, and Post Doc in Professor Lars A. Akslen’s research group at the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO), University of Bergen.


Identifying new treatment targets

She presented her project in an excellent manner in the breast cancer session and again in plenary assembly during the closing ceremony. The work is a study on gene expression changes that reflect the complex interaction between tumor cells and the vascular system angiogenesis and the invasion of tumor cells into vessels in breast cancer. The results show that interaction with the vascular system is important especially among the subtype of basal-like breast cancers, and here the immune system also plays a part. The results are relevant for identifying new treatment targets.

The work presented is based on previous results of studies on angiogenesis and vascular invasion, which has been a primary focus over several years in the cancer research done in Lars Akslen’s CCBIO research group, and studied by amongst other Ingunn Stefansson and Monica Mannelqvist.


Great inspiration

“This was a professionally very good conference and although it entails a bit of stress to do oral presentations in large meetings and to be nominated to the prize for best oral presentation, I think it's great to have the opportunity to present our research results and CCBIO-research at meetings like this”, Elisabeth explains.

“It's nice to have your research work seen and appreciated by colleagues at international meetings”, she says about the prize. “It inspires to work even harder to deliver good papers as a continuation of the results presented at the conference”, she concludes.