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When the well is empty

When the well is empty

Climate change is expected to occur more frequently and more extremely in years to come. The purpose of Tuva Emilie's project was to investigate the psychological effects of climate change and to gain insight into how the population understands a crisis situation, how they experience the situation has been handled by the authorities, who is affected, and how to cope with the situation.

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In the autumn of 2018, Tuva was an exchange student at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa.

The water shortage was a recurring theme in everyday life, from information posters, daily updates on national radio stations and statutory water saving strategies from the authorities.

During her stay at UCT, Tuva conducted a series of interviews with students and senior residents who experienced the extreme drought and water conservation in Cape Town throughout much of 2018.

Professor Jarle Eid and student fellow Tuva Emilie Øyslebø have now published an article describing the findings from the project "Collective Responses to the 2018 Water Shortage in Cape Town: An Explorative Quality Study".