Center for Digital Narrative

"Be a light house, and show the way forward"

CDN opening on December 11th, with Rector, Research Council and Drummer Boys.

Petter Helgesen og Benedicte Løseth i Forskingsrådet overleverer SFF-plakett til senterleiarane Scott Rettberg og Jill Walker Rettberg.
Jessie van Balkom
Rektor Margareth Hagen gratulerar senterleiarane Scott Rettberg og Jill Walker Rettberg.
Jessie van Balkom

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"Digital storytelling and narrative are a large part of our lives, but we lack a complete understanding of this. We still do not sufficiently understand how they work, how they are used, and how they shape the culture around us," said UiB Rector Margareth Hagen when the Center for Digital Narrative (CDN) was opened on 11 December, pointing to the work that the center will do over the next ten years.

Also present for the occasion was Executive Director of the Research Council of Norway, Benedicte Løseth, who handed over the plaque showing that the center is one of nine new Centers for Excellence in Research (SFF). In her speech, she highlighted what the SFF scheme is and should be - a basis for building new environments and disciplines, and giving them room to expand their knowledge:

"I must say that it warms me that the centre's core is humanistic research and development in fields such as artificial intelligence. Within a range of topics - from electronic literature, game studies, digital culture, and calculations - they will promote the understanding of digital narratives. They have the potential to be a light house, and show the way forward."

The happening took place in the building that will become the center's home, Langes gate 1-3. Administration and researchers will move in here over the New Year.

The evening was then concluded with a tour of the exhibition Introduction to the Center for digital narratives, which is on display at the HF library until January 4th.